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Use our calculator to understand how much a YouTube sponsorship placement on your channel is worth.
Which is why we listen to you, we create and manage workflows and process improvements, aggressively managing milestones and market expansion. We execute and analyze client data utilizing regression and other analysis to provide data-driven tangible results to firms.
Knowing a channel's worth is an ongoing challenge
We help you remove the guesswork. Using our data platform (as well as years of experience working with both brands and creators) we have put together a calculator that considers the metrics that truly matter. Enter your details below and we will send you our advised rate for any YouTube channel, direct to your email.
YouTube Sponsorship Calculator
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*An average views of videos that have been uploaded in the last 30 days. Only include videos that have been live between 30-50 days.
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Our calculator works slightly differently
Unlike other planners, we look at sponsorship track record. If a brand has returned multiple times to work with a particular channel, that is usually a pretty good sign that the channel in question has delivered on their campaign goals. Channels that consistently deliver good results can begin to charge more for sponsorship placements. Therefore, metrics that look at past relationships with brand sponsors play an important role in our calculations. If you are a brand considering working with a YouTuber, you need to understand their channel's sponsorship track record to make sure you are not being overcharged. You can see all of this data about any channel (along with their audience demographics) on our platform - sign up below to see how it works. And if you are not sure what channel you want to work with, but want to make sure your find the best placement and pricing for your brand, get in touch and we can help you find the most relevant creators to partner with.
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