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In The Black Media and their team are quick, accommodating, and professional.

They demonstrate a deep understanding of the target audience that we, as Gaijin, aim to reach with our titles.

Working seamlessly alongside us, they enable us to scale our campaigns effectively. 

Acting as a force multiplier and an extended arm, rather than solely functioning as brokers to find sponsorships with channels, we can consistently count on them for clear communication and timely execution in a market that is typically characterized by unreliability and volatility.
Gaijin Entertainment
Gaijin Entertainment has been running influencer marketing campaigns with In The Black Media for 12 months at the time of the writing of this case study. What started as a partnership with our Talent offering has blossomed in to a close partnership as we deploy hundreds of thousands of dollars per month to run highly effective and efficient LTV-driven marketing campaigns. Gaijin makes the games, we find the players.

Our relationship began when our Senior Partnerships Manager Lazar Zeljic reached out to Dennis Wierzbezovski, the Director Influencer Marketing at Gaijin Entertainment. Swiftly connected with Jan Philipp-Grubert, we got to work running ad integrations with our Talent.

Our first set of integrations, where we ran advertising on Ark: Survival Evolved Youtube content were a smash hit, and soon after seeing the fruits of our labor, we got to work doubling down. At the time of this relationship, we were only partnered with a few other brands to run marketing campaigns, so we were very much in the trenches, getting our hands dirty, and learning quickly.
Through our Talent offering, we have provided Gaijin Entertainment with a seamless experience, rocketing us to the top of their preferred agency partner list. Using our expertise in creativity and resource management, manual creator selection process, and thorough evaluation process, we have delivered successful campaign after successful campaign. Our sponsorships are inserted in an organic, engaging and creative way to ensure high watchthrough time, low attrition rate, and memorable customer experience. Through creator support, Gaijin Entertainment started to see first conversions coming from the channels that they were not used to working with in the Role-Playing Gaming space, our pick for a valuable and untapped audience for their Warthunder game. This was a testament and a case-study from where we both learned that even though the game is not thematically the same as the one that’s being show on the channel, with the right creator that has a strong community, and by using the correct audience demographics and analytics to drive conversions, we can tap into ad-sensitive audiences for successful campaigns. Using this first success, we delved deeper into the platform harnessing anime channels, FPS gaming channels, variety gaming, gaming challenges, which just confirmed what we already knew but on a much larger scale.

In the summer of 2023, we began managing global campaigns on behalf of Gaijin, including top titles such as Warthunder and Enlisted. Growing both adspend and ROI month-over-month, we have a dedicated crew hellbent on driving maximum value to the games we manage for Gaijin, and will continue to strive for excellence as our partnership blossoms. We don’t know what or where the limit is right now, but I do know we are not there yet!

Our Campaign unit has a singular mission; wrap our arms around our brand partners until we live, breathem and sleep the products we represent, and then go to market with cost-effective strategies to harness the power of Influencer Marketing, capturing high LTV customers along the way.
We would love to do the same for your brand.